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Our veterinarian team put together a simple questionnaire to get an anlysis of your dog's overall health and any specific health needs they might have. Simply answer a questions to receive recommendations from our veterinarian team specifically tailored to help your dog.

My dog is called…

What is your pup looking for today?

Name is a good…

Is he neutered?

Hound & Co

Neutering can impact your dog’s metabolism and nutritional needs.

How old is DOG NAME?

Hound & Co

Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure! A best guess will still help us tailor their plan.

What breed is Dog Name?

Hound & Co

No worries if you don’t know, that just makes DOG NAME more unique!

DOG NAME weighs…

Hound & Co

Don’t worry if you’re not sure, just give us a ballpark guess.

His body type is…


Narrow waistline and you can clearly see the ribs


Visible waistline and ribs are easy to feel


Waistline not visible and ribs are hard to feel


Visible layer of fat over the ribs and large stomach

How much exercise does he get each day?

Chilled out

Up to 1 hour a day


1 to 3 hours a day

Ball of energy

More than 3 hours a day

Working dog

Dogs that work all day long

Are there any areas where you think
mex could use a little extra support?

DOG NAME usually eats…

She gets treats…