Meet the Veterinarian Developed Supplement That Is Helping Remove Dogs Discomfort (Including Arthritis Pain)

Does your dog suffer from hip and joint issues? What if you could reverse your dogs joint pain in just a few weeks... would you?

Joint Pain, Arthritis and Back Pain Can Shorten Lifespans And Turn Happy Dogs Into Lethargic Senior Pets

Dogs with arthritis, on average, live 2-3 years less than dogs without arthritis. Not only that, but dogs with arthritis or joint pain may find themselves unable to play fetch, take walks, or simply move around the house - preventing them from enjoying the activities they once loved which can lead to depression and unhealthy lifestyles in senior dogs.

What adds to the concern is the chain reaction of consequences stemming from their decreased activity, leading to more severe issues.

When dogs can't expend their stored energy through regular exercise and daily routines, it can manifest in shifts in behavior, including signs of depression, heightened anxiety, and increased aggression.

Moreover, reduced activity levels contribute to weight gain, rendering dogs more vulnerable to critical health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

What are the symptoms?

Here are just some of the early indicators to watch for:

  • Limping or Favoring a Limb
  • Stiffness, Especially After Rest
  • Decreased Activity Levels
  • Noticeable Difficulty in Movement
  • Changes in Behavior
  • Visible Swelling or Heat around Joints
  • Change in Appetite

But There Was Not A Veterinarian Formulated and Approved Solution Available...

So Dr. Klos teamed up with Hound & Co and leading pet nutritionists to develop a supplement that put your dog first, focusing on ingredients that actually make a difference without awful side effects.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, each batch is produced in cGMP certified, USDA inspected and FDA registered facilities and is run through microbiological and other safety tests to ensure accuracy and potency.

Put simply, dogs are our family, and Hound & Co is the only brand of supplements Dr. Klos trusts for his own dogs as well as his patients.

Our joint chews are so effective, customers report results in just 3 weeks!

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